Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Pentagon Revolts

Several recent articles have made it clear that the Pentagon has come to the end of its patience with the Bush Fascists warmongers. A number of high ranking Generals have said that if President Bush gives the order to launch an unprovoked attack on Iran they will resign rather than carry it out. This announcement is as close to a military Coup as we generally get in this country. When a number of retired Generals revolted against Don Rumsfeld last year it was pretty obvious that this message was coming from both the retired and current Generals. The retired generals were simply carrying the message for those who weren't in a position to say it at that time.

It is absolutely amazing to me that as absurd as the Bush Administration's foreign policies are there are still people drinking the kool aid. The military has revolted, worldwide surveys show that the US is seen as a threat to world peace, and now the Russians are threatening World War III if we attack Iran. What does it take to convince some people that there are actually other countries with other interests in the world besides the US.

Russians Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently remarked:

"An escalation of the conflict and its spillover into Iraq will inevitably entail catastrophic consequences, not only for the Middle East," he said. "I think Washington understands this."

I think the Pentagon saw this warning, as would any group of sane people, as an inference that the Russians have had enough and intend to either directly or indirectly enter the fray should we attack Iran. They have already began arming Iran and it would be simple and effective for them to provide satellite assistance for missile targeting of US ships and positions. It is certainly possible that the Russians would see an attack on Iran as an effort by the US to monopolize the oil producing countries and control world oil supplies. This may be enough of a threat that they would consider an outright attack on US military bases and hardware in the Region. This would be disastrous for the US military and the losses would be unfathomable. Since the Russians have an equal nuclear arsenal to the United States, we would have no way other than conventional means to fight back against the Russians, Syrians, and Iranians. For anyone who is not familiar with the Russian's military technology, take my word for it, they have surpassed the US in some areas and are more than up to the challenge. Particularly since we would be in their backyard and did I mention surrounded?

Time to listen to the military leaders and not the Psychopathic fascist in the Oval Office.

I guess the only thing left is to hear the right wing Bush crazies accuse the Generals of being anti American traitors.

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