Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another Wonderful Week

I'll thank you for excusing the furious blogger for taking a long week but unfortunately he has to do business and make ends meet on the odd occasion himself (Spoken in 3rd Person a la Ricky Henderson).

So lets review the good news shall we?

It seems that the Russians have had enough of the Neocons quests to rule the world. Russian President Vladimir Putin blasted the Bushies foreign policy in front of US and European leaders Saturday. Obviously hey want the Americans to know that they are sick of us starting fights in their back yard.

The Bush administration has revealed that they plan to spend about 12 billion dollars per month for the two current Mideast occupations over the next two years. The Defense Budget has risen to the point of insanity.

The Russians have openly admitted to delivering sophisticated air defense missiles to Iran sending the clear message that these high tech missiles are for destroying US jets should Bush order an attack. President Putin said Saturday the he did want Iran to feel cornered.

Insurgents have had alarming success in downing US choppers of late, often with Russian shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles.

It is getting pretty obvious that Vice President Cheney was the mastermind of the CIA leak scandal and that his impeachment and/or criminal indictment should be near the top of the Congressional "things to do" list.

The Bush administration is still trying to blame everything but global warming on Iran. Everyday a new unsubstantiated allegation arises from this flock of morons. Why don't they dispense with the games, everyone knows they are deep into their plans for the next disastrous war.

Last but not least, in the "firm grasp of the obvious" category, General Patreaus has acknowledged that Iraq is doomed if the Presidents planned crackdown in Baghdad fails as miserably as every other plan he has instituted. The furious blogger once again states in third person, this plan has zero chance of success and Iraq is doomed regardless of the action that the US takes.

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