Friday, February 02, 2007


A new National Intelligence Estimate prepared by the CIA's National Intelligence Council has produced a truly shocking conclusion, Iraq is not quite the paradise of Democracy the neocons predicted it would be. Unfortunately, it appears that Vice President Cheney hasn't read the report because he recently commented:

"Bottom line is that we've had enormous successes, and we will continue to have enormous successes."

It is quite a relief to read in this report that the term "Civil War" doesn't apply because it "doesn't capture the complex situation in Iraq". I imagine that the families of the bullet riddled bodies found daily in and around Baghdad are relieved to know that their loved ones weren't tortured and murdered in a Civil War. They were merely victims of sectarian violence. While hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians perish in this horrific slaughter, we in the civilized world debate the semantics of their plight. Were they tortured by the militias before they were shot or was it just coercive tactics? The think tanks in Washington are losing countless hours of sleep clearing up these important issues.

Yesterday at the car wash I walked over to the guy who had just finished wiping down my car and as I handed him a five spot he shook his head and said "man, that Iraq is one screwed up mess huh"? Personally, I think his assessment of the situation was considerably more accurate than the CIA's National Intelligence Council or the Vice President

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