Thursday, February 22, 2007

McCain Has Exactly Zero Chance of Getting to the White House

Let me be the first to say this, John McCain has no chance of being elected President. Not only does he support the President's plan to increase troops, he has supported an even greater increase and has been arguing for it for months. His hawkish views may get him through the Republican primaries, but they will surely get him crushed when he faces the ire of the war weary independents and democrats. The recent mid term defeats for the Republican party should have clearly sent the message that pro-war candidates are skating on thin ice.

It looks to me like the far right's extreme positions are damning their eventual candidate to a painful defeat. In order to appease the far right and win the primaries, the Republican candidates will be forced to embrace the very positions that will alienate them from the mainstream electorate. The Democrats will likely be in the same position they were in during the mid term elections. Simply stand aside and remind the voters that they aren't Republicans. The Republicans will take care of the rest. Furthermore the Iraq war will be much more unpopular by then that it is now. Reminding the public of his hawkish positions will spell doom for McCain. By the time the general election gets here, any one of the Democratic candidates will be able to beat this clown.

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