Monday, February 05, 2007

Bush Administration says "foreigners medddling in Iraq"

As Howard Dean often said during his brief 2004 Presidential run,"you can't make this stuff up." Please look for the irony here, the Bush Administration is accusing Iran of meddling in Iraq's affairs. If I'm not mistaken, very few of the American troops currently fighting Iraqis in Iraq were born there. Where do these clowns get the unmitigated gall to invade a country, bring down the standing Government, destroy their infrastructure, destabilize their entire society, and accuse SOMEONE ELSE of meddling. Obviously they don't consider the US action to date to be meddling. This is accompanied by the equally ironic threat to target and kill all "foreign fighters' in Iraq." Clearly that would mean mass suicide on the part of United States military personnel and who thinks that is a good idea?

Can the so called "meddling" of other countries produce any worse results than our "benevolent intervention. " The Iraqi interior ministry has announced that the violence has led to the deaths of 1000 civilians in the last week, the CIA has admitted that Iraq is spiraling Downward, and the news gets worse everyday.

It's time that Congress seriously consider the necessary actions to insure that no "foreign fighters" start meddling in Iran.

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