Friday, June 13, 2008

U.S. Politics Exposed

The 2008 presidential campaign is forcing Americans to reveal their true political ideologies. The misleading labels of Democrat and Republican have allowed politicians, and in many cases their supporters, to conceal their true political inclinations. Right wing Democrats have been hiding amongst the progressives and claiming a left wing agenda while campaigning, then jumping to the center right to push a moderate right wing policy agenda for many decades. Meanwhile, the Republican party has been overrun by the southern far right wing pro fascist confederacy while claiming to be the party of the blue collar white male . The country has been ruled by a bi-partisan right wing group of politicians who have benefited from their ability to create the illusion that they were bitter partisan enemies. Fortunately for the American people, Bush Administration policies create an environment in which their is little room for political fence sitting. The bellwether was Joe Lieberman. Cornered by his support for the Bush pro war neocon policies, he was forced to reveal his position on the Iraq war and permanently flushed out of his left wing hiding spot.

The Clinton "movement" revealed the existence of a center right leaning democratic machine and its powerful alliance with the American political right. Facing political annihilation, the Clinton people ran for political cover in the only place where they were guaranteed shelter, the right wing media machine. We watched Bill Clinton chatting it up on the Rush Limbaugh show, Geraldine Ferraro spewing racial venom then hanging out with Sean Hannity despite his white supremacist ties, and Ed Rendell praising Fox news for their objective balanced coverage. Faced with true progressive policies, many Clinton supporters chose to openly ally themselves with John McCain in their fight against the Obama people.

Now the truly interesting part of this political soap opera begins. How can the right wing Democrats stay warm and fuzzy with their Republican comrades without completely severing their ties from the Democratic base in an environment of civilian political rebellion? Meanwhile, how can the Republicans keep their party alive while supporting far right wing policies? Policies which are being rejected by a population being crushed by them. My guess is that neither group can maintain their hidden agendas anymore. The time for illusionary politics is over and without political smoke and mirrors, the American people finally get a chance to vote based on some semblance of reality.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Senator Obama Should Wait To Choose His VP

There are many arguments as to when Senator Obama chooses his Vice President. I suggest that he put the subject on ice until the convention. His campaign should leak that he will take into consideration his potential running mate's dedication to party unity and bi-partisan appeal, then half heartedly deny the leak. This destroys the Clinton's arm twisting ability and creates a dynamic in which any attacks on him by her surrogates strengthen the argument against making her the choice. She will be effectively isolated and forced to personally prove her dedication to party unity by working to deliver her followers to him. Most importantly it will be extremely difficult for her to work hard for Party unity for the better part of two months, then backtrack on that position if she is not the VP choice. Senator Obama should announce that he will make his choice at the convention, then give Hillary the opening speech. Shortly after her historic opening speech on party unity and the need to stop a third Bush term, he should announce John Edwards as his choice for VP.