Monday, March 05, 2007

Obama Cutting Hillary's Lead

If you have been paying attention you will have noticed that Barack Obama is rapidly catching up to Hillary as the preferred candidate for the 2008 Presidential campaign among Democrats.

Democratic Presidential Primary Contenders
Feb. 22 Feb. 8 Feb. 3

Clinton 37% 28% 34%
Obama 26% 23% 18%

The latest polls show Hillary remaining fairly stable and Obama climbing 8% during the month of February.

Apart from all the Rhetoric about him being African American and her being a woman, there is a very solid reason for this trend that I suspect will continue. Very few people know Obama other than through a few sound bites on the news. However, as people hear the message and the clear political differences between the two, they are flocking towards Obama. Hillary appears to be either trying to out-republican the Republicans or she really is a right winger at heart. She refuses to admit that her vote for the authorization of the use of force for Iraq was a mistake and she continues to take positions that are clearly imperialistic in nature.

Obama's campaign kick off in the town where Lincoln gave his famous "House Divided" speech against slavery was no accident. He often speaks of Lincoln and if you listen to his message it is remarkably similar. Obama compared himself to Lincoln stating:

"In Lincoln's rise from poverty, his ultimate mastery of language and law, his capacity to overcome personal loss and remain determined in the face of repeated defeat--in all this, he reminded me not just of my own struggles."

Hillary better hope that this campaign is not about issues and the true positions of the candidates on the problems facing working class America. If it is she doesn't stand a chance against Obama. However, if she can count on her financiers and the mainstream Democratic machine then she has a great chance. I perceive that we are seeing the difference between politics as usual and man who would ultimately turn the old school political process on its head.

I believe that Obama's politics are comparable to the views of Lincoln and JFK while Hillary's are probably comparable LBJ. My view is, it's time for America to change directions.


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