Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Destruction of America is Incomplete

Apparently, the Cheney Administration has recognized that the economic and military destruction of the United States is incomplete. Despite their intense efforts there appears to be a sliver of hope that the Country may eventually be able to recover from the military and economic policies of the Neocons. Ignoring the recent National Intelligence Report to the contrary, the Neocons and their lapdogs in the media have returned to trumpeting the blatant lie that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

After replacing Admiral William Fallon at Centcom with their puppet Patraeus, the Neocons are primed for another unprovoked attacked on a Muslim Country. To that end, another aircraft carrier is en route to the Persian Gulf to immediately frighten the prices of oil up another twenty dollars per barrel. Being the conspiracy theorist that I am, I suspect that Iran's decision to completely stop conducting transactions in US dollars has sped up the Cheney Administration's need for war.

The people who brought us the cakewalk in Iraq have cooked up another military strategy and are set to make that disaster look like a wise move. Attacking Opec''s second largest producer, when oil has risen to 120 dollars per barrel, will be the final nail in the economic coffin of the Unites States.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hillary Supporters Make the Case Against Her

Be careful when using logic to support a position, any failure to project that logic to all variables can destroy the very argument you are making. The latest case in point is the argument by the Clinton supporters that Senator Obama can't win because she took such overwhelming numbers of particularly classes of voters in Pennsylvania. The most glaring statistic which they point out is that she defeated Senator Obama 70-30 amongst White catholic voters. The argument is that this number is so lopsided that it demonstrates that this group does not want him as President and therefore will not unify with the Party to support him in the general election. The obvious extension of this argument is that any Democratic candidate who loses a large bloc of voters who traditionally support their Party is unelectable.

As has been the case throughout this election, the Clinton supporters have ignored the Black voting bloc in their arguments. If this argument is applied using Black voters as the variable unit it creates the logical conclusion, only to a significantly greater degree, that Senator Clinton in unelectable. Outside of Pennsylvania, Senator Obama has bested the Clintons amongst White male voters and nearly tied them in the overall White voting bloc on a number of ocassions. However, Senator Clinton has been consistently beaten by historic proportions for a Democratic primary contest (typically 90-10) in the Black voting bloc. If the argument is that a 70-30 victory is so lopsided as to indicate a fatal divison between a Primary Candidate and a voting bloc, then how much more so does the string of 90-10 losses that the Clintons have sufffered with Black voters indicate the same. Are we to believe that the Clintons can overcome a string of losses by 90% or higher to a voting bloc and ultimately make amends with that group, yet Senator Obama can't overcome a fewer number of losses by much smaller numbers?

No reasonable person would argue that any Democrat could be elected President without both a huge turnout of Black voters and an overhwhelming advantage in that voting bloc.

The Clinton's argument makes the point that Senator Obama has a far greater chance of reconciliation with their core supporters than they with his. This logical conclusion is obvious, unless of course those constructing the argument discount the value, and possibly even existence, of Black voters.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is America,no racial healing allowed

The rich and powerful minority have always used wedge issues to divide and control the masses. Unfortunately for America, the principle wedge issue used by the rich in this country is racism. Iowa horrified the aristocratic class by demonstrating that white rural voters, the traditional suckers for the race baiters, had decided that their social and economic needs were more important than abiding by the rules of the American caste system. That spelled doom for a political system that has given the rich the largest economic gap between them and the working class since America was an agrarian society.

It was inevitable that the forces promoting aristocratic rule would fight to revive the one issue that could keep them in power, racism. To that end, the right wing of the Democratic Party and the Republican machine have joined forces. After Senator Obama blew Hillary out consecutively with the White rural voters in Iowa and the Black rural voters in South Carolina it was clear that the people had progressed to a point that they would inevitably unify against the oppressive wealthy class. Bill Clinton gave the signal to attack with his Jesse Jackson comments. It also announced that the Clintons were severing their ties with both the Black community and the progressives. From that point on, the Clintons and their surrogates (including those in the media and the Republican Party) have worked to remind the White voters of America that their social duty is to vote for politicians who look like them, despite the obvious conflict with their economic needs. The media turned to evaluating the individual contests on how the different categories of "white voters" responded to the candidates. Suddenly, the question of whether race was important in choosing a candidate surfaced as an exit polling question. More recently, the North Carolina Republican Party has launched an Obama attack ad which began running the day Hillary began campaigning in their State. Simultaneously the creator of Bush Senior's Willie Horton ad has released his latest divisive master piece tying Senator Obama to Gang Violence by showing split screen pictures of him next to urban blight and plastering the words gang violence and urban terrorism all over the screen.

This pesky racial harmony is creating major problems for the wealthy corporate class of politicians and we can expect that their bipartisan unity will only become stronger and more obvious as their fear of losing power increases.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The inside word is that Republican party is set to unveil a new television add in North Carolina attacking Barack Obama. It is clearly no coincidence that the day after the Pennsylvania primary, the Republicans unleash an attack which can only help Senator Hillary Clinton. Obviously, they have decided to come out in the open with their support for her campaign. Since no Democratic nominee has been chosen, it would normally be considered a waste of the precious few funds that they have on hand. However, it appears that Party Elders have made a decision to make their move for Hillary.

This may seem like a stretch, but I believe that the Republican leadership actually prefers Senator Clinton over John McCain. He is not nearly as predictable as she on the issues which are their top priorities. The unpopular Iraq war is destroying the Republican Party and I am sure that, despite their public statements, many Republicans in Congress can't unload this albatross soon enough. If they can get the war over soon and have the luxury of blaming the "defeat" on a democrat, the Republican Party can see some daylight to make a move on the Presidency and Congress in 2012. Meanwhile, Hillary's aggressive militaristic foreign policy is music to the ears of the neocons. The few domestic policy differences she has with the Republicans will be overlooked because of her willingness to nestle up with the Corporate lobbyist and keep the backroom deals flowing.

I expect the Republican Party to be much more aggressive in their attacks on Senator Obama. The person who should really be worried about that is John McCain.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Republicans Work Hard to Choose Democratic Candidate

The Republican media machine is pulling out all of the stops in order to help their candidate. Oddly, that Candidate is Hillary Clinton. In the past several months it has become clear that the likes of Pat Buchanan, Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, and pretty much anyone affiliated with Fox News are collectively on a mission to assist Senator Clinton's character assassination mission against Barack Obama. In recent months, Bill Clinton went on the Rush Limbaugh show to promote Hillary on the day of the Texas primary and in an obvious act of bipartisan right wing collusion, George Stephanopoulos went on Sean Hannity's radio show then used an attack suggested by Hannity against Senator Obama disguised as a debate question.

Hour after hour, the right wing pundits build their case against Obama. Despite the obvious fact that it has had no effect on the polls, the Republican machine continues to hammer away at the absurd claim that Senator Obama is an elitist with a sprinkling of Jeremiah Wright whenever they can find an opening.

Democratic voters need to ask themselves why the Republican support system in the media is aggressively working to insure that a particular Democrat wins. Clearly, the Republican Party prefers that the Presidential race revolve around irrelevant issues completely unrelated to their horrendous foreign and domestic policy failures during the last eight years.

Ultimately, the question is why the Republicans are working feverishly to defeat Senator Obama. Would any sane person believe that their intentions are in the best interest of the Democratic Party?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Third Party Exposed

Hillary Clinton's seemingly odd actions in the presidential primaries are exposing the existence of an unofficial third party. The right wing bi-partisan coalition that has been befuddling the progressives for years is, in effect, an unofficial party. Time and again I have had conversations with fellow left leaning people confused over the votes of Democratic politicians regarding such issues as the Bush tax cuts, the Iraq invasion, the Iraq oilfields being put in the hands of American Companies, and various other far right wing bills.

Traditionally, a group of center right wing democrats has sided with the far right on substantive issues, then retreated to the left on minor social issues. They claimed to reject right wing policies as their cohorts in the far right wing and the media attacked them on those minor issues and helped conceal their true leanings.

The existence of a true populist progressive threat to their system has forced the far right wing bi-partisan coalition out into the open. Bill Clinton opened the door by playing the race card after South Carolina and making it clear that he was separating himself from the African American community. This was a significant coded signal to the far right that his people were officially lunging to the right. Hillary had taken her first thumping and it was clear that the gloves were coming off. Consider the following actions:

1. Richard Mellon Scaife, the far right wing financier who funded the "Arkansas project" which resulted in Bill Clinton's impeachment has become a Hillary supporter (Scaife pictured above in a recent meeting with Senator Clinton) . He wrote in a recent column "I have a very different impression of Hillary Clinton today than before last Tuesday's meeting -- and it's a very favorable one indeed."

2. Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton (The two are pictured above together at the fundraiser). They have forged an odd alliance over the last year in which she has rejected Fox News debates but pocketed cash from both he and his son.

4. Bill Clinton appeared on the Rush Limbaugh show on the day of the Texas Primary days after Rush had urged his supporters to vote for Hillary.

Couple these tidbits of information with the Clinton's repeated praise for John McCain and it becomes crystal clear whose side they are on. As it becomes more and more apparent that Senator Clinton has no legitimate chance of overtaking Senator Obama, it also becomes apparent that her strategy is to stay in the race and inflict as much damage as possible to him. In the spirit of both Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman, when backed into a political corner she chooses the far right regardless of the personal political consequences. This primary has created an atmosphere where democrats are forced to reveal their political position. After this race, it should be quite clear to observers why some democrats repeatedly side with the Republican party on substantive issues. Take note of the Clinton supporters, then observe their future positions on partisan issues. You will likely find the followers of the Miller/Lieberman/Clinton and ideology.