Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Iran is the Devil in Iraq

The psychos in the Bush Administration have moved into the next phase of their drive for an attack on Iran. Blame Iran for the mayhem in Iraq and if possible, the deaths of American soldiers. Recently, the President authorized American servicemen to kill Iranians in Iraq. Heck, I guess we've killed so many Iraqis that we are running out of warm bodies to shoot. Now I guess if we find a foreigner that looks fairly healthy, we shoot him too.

The Presidents plan to kill Iranians in Iraq may have been dealt a serious blow when the Iranians, in a brilliant strategical move, offered to train and equip the Iraqi military. It will be difficult to launch an attack on Iran when their military personnel are running all over southern Iraq teaching the Shiite Army how to fight and giving them weapons. In the event that we attacked Iran the Iranians would already be within easy striking distance of all of the American bases and you best believe that the Shiite soldiers they are training and equipping would use those weapons against the United States military.

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