Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The poll numbers for President Bush have sunk to near historic lows. The last President who sank to these lows, Richard Nixon, was run out of office under threat of prosecution. Examining these numbers raises the question, who is this 30 or some odd percentage of people who still support his policies? Clearly Al Queda is quite happy about his latest Iraq strategy to send additional targets to the meat grinder that Iraq has become but I don't think any of their representatives were included in the poll. A recent Newsweek poll shows that 68% of Americans oppose the Surge and only 12% strongly favor it. Who are the 12%, Defense contractors and their stockholders? Other than an Al Queda leader, who could look at the repeated failed strategies of the Bush Administration and interpret their latest move as a positive action. I always wonder when I look at polls about the people in the small minority who favor or oppose some absurd idea. Who are these social misfits so out of line with mainstream society, and in this case civilized Americans, that they support a hapless bungler to the bitter end.

Abraham Lincoln's quote about fooling people is proving to be quite accurate regarding the Iraq invasion and subsequent occupation. In light of an election day thumping, the Republican Congressman are seeing the light and the military leaders are making it clear that they oppose the surge strategy. The 12% left supporting Bush are not going to be much help during the 2008 elections and I suspect that The Democrats are going to make further gains in Congress and take the White House. Unfortunately for them, they will likely have a much worse mess in Iraq than we have today.

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