Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Congress Versus George Bush

It's getting very obvious now that the both parties in Congress are parting ways with the President once and for all. The Democrats, riding a wave of victories in the midterm elections, have been emboldened to take him on at every corner. The Republicans, afraid of a second act in the 2008 elections which includes surrendering the White House, are in an open revolt against their party leader. So now it appears that both parties have joined the American people in what amounts to a struggle against a power crazed dictator.

It gives me little pleasure to repeat what I said on my radio show two years ago, but I shall. The Republicans will learn what the Democrats already know. President Bush answers to no one and will not respond to any influences outside of his neocon inner circle. While we wrench our hands and gnarl our teeth over Iraq, President Bush is racing to his next ill conceived military Blunder. Will most of Congress stay silent again or will others follow the lead of Dennis Kucinich by exposing and denouncing the reckless march to war with Iran? Chuck Hagel is in the forefront of Republicans revolting against the President's latest Iraq plan but many more are realizing the political danger that comes along with supporting it.

At any rate, it is getting obvious that anything short of impeachment will do little to influence our dictatorial leader's foreign policy. A grassroots movement is beginning to take shape and I believe that soon the American people will not only support, but demand it.

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