Sunday, January 28, 2007

Logic, Rhetoric, and Impeachment.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had officially joined the psychotic liar brigade with his latest statement about the non-binding Congressional resolution on the Iraq surge plan. His recent statement that Congress is helping the enemy by passing a resolution opposing the plan is as logic free as any patriotism inducing statement President Bush has ever made. His exact words were that it "emboldens the enemy". The "enemy" that he so simplistically references is made up of a number of groups with various objectives. Their makeup and objectives vary to such a degree that they often fight each other. Wikipedia describes the Iraqi insurgency thusly:

"The Iraqi insurgency is composed of at least a dozen major guerrilla organizations and perhaps as many as 40 distinct groups. These groups are subdivided into countless smaller cells. Due to its clandestine nature, the exact composition of the Iraqi insurgency is difficult to determine. Because most of these insurgents are civilians fighting against an organized domestic army and a foreign occupying army, many consider them to be guerrillas."

So, according to the Secretary of Defense, even though we aren't ccompletely sure who they are, we are sure that they are happy to see Congress oppose the Administration's new plan? We know for sure that the Neocons, the Administration, and Al Qaida favor of the plan. We also know that every previous plan has failed miserably. It is now pretty obvious why Secretary Gates was the President's selection for this position. He rejects logic and critical thinking and uses unsupported patriotic sounding rhetoric to inflame the passion of the weak minded.

It appears that the chickens are finally coming home to roost The President is left with only the richest 10% and the stupidest 20% in his corner. The big question we are left with is this, will the American people allow this catastrophe to continue until January 2008 or will the demand for impeachment push Congress to do their job sooner.

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