Monday, March 10, 2008

Hillary Fights for Democracy (unless Barack wins)

The Clinton camp's contradictory arguments regarding the Michigan and Florida primaries are much too obvious to ignore. Which, I might add, is precisely what the mainstream media is doing. Rather than a complicated explanation, I'll expose the blatant hypocrisy by simply stating the two arguments together:

1 - The Clinton Camp argues that the voices of the Florida and Michigan voters must be heard for the sake of democracy. These voters, if overlooked, will be so angry that they will flock to John McCain in the general election and give the White House to the Republicans. If the Democratic Party disenfranchises millions of voters in two critical States, the White House will go to the Republicans.

2 - If Barack Obama is selected by the primary voters (which I am guessing includes Michigan and Florida) the Super-delegates should ignore the voters and select Hillary as the nominee, effectively disenfranchising every democratic primary voter in every state. This may not be democratic, but those are the rules. The disenfranchisement of overwhelming numbers of African American and youthful voters will be of little consequence in November.

Any Questions?

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