Monday, March 24, 2008

The Pro Hillary/McCain Media

The major cable media outlets have made two things quite clear in the last few weeks. Their only issues of concern are race and anything that is damaging to Barack Obama. Which have become one and the same.

We have learned that the White voters have little or no interest in the economy or the occupation of Iraq, except where it benefits John McCain. The American people will make their voting decisions based on the statements of Jeremiah White only. The Jeremiah Wright story has become the foundation of all cable news stories night and day. You need only turn on any of the three Cable news networks and get a three minute egg timer. Rarely a period will pass that you couldn't both cook a tasty cholesterol filled egg and hear a Jeremiah Wright reference. The polls that showed Senator Obama moving ahead of Senator Clinton in preference for handling the economy and foreign policy have been replaced by endless loops of Jeremiah Wright looking like a scary angry Black man.

The subtle racism of the major cable news outlets has been replaced by outright divisive anti-black bias. The language of racial division is used routinely. Every political story refers to the "WHITE VOTERS" and their reaction to whatever racially charged issue is discussed. The unspoken inference is that the white voter is turned off by the discussion of race. The leap of logic from there assumes that they once the white voter is turned off by issue of race being discussed they will not vote for a Black candidate. They will ignore their dire economic circumstances and the horrendous foreign policy blunder that is Iraq, then vote based on race and race only. Barack Obama receiving 85% to 92% of the Black vote in various states is a sign of racial division that will send a negative signal to "WHITE VOTERS", yet Bill Clinton consistently getting 85% and higher of the Black vote was a sign of his acceptance by Black America and helped him win.

The major news networks' most insidious racially misleading tactic is to consistently put right wing Black pundits on the air and infer that the black community is equally divided between the right and left politically. This hides the reality that the Black community sees the right wing pro confederacy movement as its natural enemy. Joe Watkins, a Black Republican strategist has morphed into a "Black preacher" since the Jeremiah Wright story has come to prominence. The number of Black republicans on air has skyrocketed while the presence of left leaning Black pundits has been reduced to practically none.

MSNBC has increased the visibility of Pat Buchanan, one of the most racist political pundits in America. In 1969 Buchanan opposed President Nixon visiting Martin Luther King's widow because in his words "It would outrage many, many people who believe Dr. King was a fraud and a demagogue, and perhaps worse. ... It does not seem to be in the interests of national unity for the president to lend his national prestige to the argument that this divisive figure is a modern saint." He would later go on record as opposing making Dr. King's birthday a national holiday. Buchanan has also defended the Confederacy writing that the Civil War was about "the right of a people to break free of a government to which they could no longer give allegiance," States' rights, and cultural differences. As an example of his racially biased work, last week when Bill Richardson endorsed Obama, Nancy Pelosi stated that the candidate with the most pledged delegates should be the nominee, and it was announced that there will be no re-vote in Florida and Michigan, Buchanan announced that Barack Obama had the worst week of any of the Presidential candidates because of the three week old Jeremiah Wright story.

Its time to call these pro-Hillary/McCain alleged news organizations out. They will not stop their intentional racially divisive tactics, but we who oppose and resent these tactics should make our opposition clear.

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