Saturday, March 15, 2008


It was surprising how little the race factor played into the Democratic campaign early in the primary season. Iowa, a state with a population that is 98% white, went overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. He nearly took New Hampshire and the race was neck and neck through Super Tuesday. It was clear to the casual observer that the voters were more interested in the issues than the race or gender of the candidates. Stunned by the public reaction to Barack Obama's success, every candidate transformed into a vehicle for "CHANGE". How clear the contradiction when a candidate who campaigns as a conservative argues that they are best suited to bring change. The very definition of political conservatism is to favor tradition and gradual change. None the less, the bandwagon mentality began and every candidate wanted to be Barack Obama in one form or another.

The problem arose when it became fairly obvious that, barring a miracle, this change movement was going to seriously threaten the status quo. The status quo, led principally by the mainstream media, has embarked on a major campaign to neutralize this threat. Senator Obama has a brief political background and little or no skeletons in his closet which left the media with one issue, race. You need only watch CNN for a few hours to recognize that it has become all race, all the time regarding the Democratic Primary. One week they are showing pictures of Senator Obama in traditional Kenyan apparel and linking him to Louis Farrakhan inferring that he is a Muslim. The next week they are showing film clips of his Christian pastor making extremely ethnic sermons and commenting on race related issues in a fashion that most blue collar Whites find uncomfortable. The strategy is clear, paint Senator Obama as a Black only candidate and frighten the blue collar White voter in Pennsylvania into voting for Senator Clinton. As revolting as the strategy is, I can't see an alternative for the Clinton media surrogates at this point. Hillary's one week of victory and momentum left her behind a dozen more delegates than before the week began. She will be heading to the convention behind in delegates, popular votes, states won, and money. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

To be honest, we can't be surprised that the mainstream political machine would stoop to such historic lows to try and stop a monumental threat to their political cash cow. Before the Pennsylvania primary vote I expect them to trot out a modern equivalent to Willie Horton and try to scare the be-Jesus out of the average White guy. What alternative do they have, stick to the issues and get crushed?

I continue to hold the position that the Clinton People are out of control and it is the duty of the Party Leaders to stop this cancer in the Party. It has become clear that the Clinton wing of the Party is challenging the authority of the standing Party Leaders. It is my belief that the Party Leaders have put together a strategy to stop Hillary's insurrection. Keep an eye on Nancy Pelosi and her inner circle for clues.

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