Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Penalty for Treason?

Despite the current focus on race in the Democratic Primary, a much greater issue looms virtually ignored. The Democratic leadership has presumably overlooked the most blatant case of treason in the history of the party. Shortly after publicly declaring the intent to "throw the kitchen sink" at Senator Obama, Senator Clinton made the following remarks:

"[McCain has] never been president, but he will put forth his lifetime of experience. I will put forth my lifetime of experience. Senator Obama will put forth a speech he made in 2002."

"I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002."

"Of course, well, you know, I've got a lifetime of experience. Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience. And you know, Senator Obama's whole campaign is about one speech he made in 2002."

The issue of experience is certainly a fair, though ineffective, strategy for the Clinton camp to employ. However, confounded by the futility of their efforts, the Clinton camp transformed the strategy into a bipartisan attack on the likely Democratic nominee. They unofficially joined forces with Senator McCain and began the Republican Senator's first line of attack. I suspect that sometime between now and November we will see the video of Senator Clinton's remarks again.

It is clear that the Clintons have ignited a war between the right wing (liberals) and the left wing (progressives) of the Democratic Party. However, Senator Obama's near insurmountable lead in delegates and overall votes means that Senator Clinton's treasonous remarks damages both wings in the general election.

The appearance is that the right wing of the Democratic Party would prefer a Republican President over a progressive. This should come as no great surprise since their history has always been to strike so called "bi-partisan" deals with the Republicans rather than side with the left wing of their own Party on issues of substance.....such as Preemptive military attacks on sovereign nations and massive tax cuts for the wealthy.

The Democratic leadership would be foolish to allow this contest to continue in its current form until Pennsylvania. The Clintons have declared in both words and deeds their intent to destroy the Party's likely nominee. Five weeks of scorched earth Clinton politics may be fatal for the party's White House bid. The Party leadership needs to take immediate and decisive action. Treason of this magnitude cannot be tolerated. Gary Hart floated this balloon as soon as the incident occurred. He was dead on target with his article "Breaking the Final Rule".

If any party accepts treason as a routine political tactic, its demise can't be far off.

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60s Marcher said...

I can appreciate the tolerance of President, I mean, Senator Obama. However, it is time to put to rest the mysterious "experience" of Ms. Clinton. Let's compare their records. While we were marching in the 60's for our civil rights Ms. Clinton was across the street as a "Goldwater girl." Her intent; to stop our every move. I've never seen a tiger change it's stripes.