Friday, January 25, 2008

The Clinton-Bush Legacy

Clearly, the Republican party is in trouble after eight disastrous years of George Bush. The Bush Administration has pursued policies which they believe will further their individual goals regardless of the long term effects on the health of the party as a whole. Now, the Republican presidential candidates find themselves in the unique position of being forced to embrace the unpopular policies of the Administration, distance themselves from the the Commander in Chief, and admitt that the American people want an immediate and drastic change of direction. A small group of radical self centered leaders have wreaked a measure of destruction on the Republican party that its enemies couldn't have accomplished in a hundred years.

Enter Bill and Hillary Clinton with their scorched earth primary campaign. They found themselves behind in a policy and issues driven campaign and decided to follow their instincts. The results are creating, or more accurately "have created" what will prove to be a radical realignment of the Black vote. Mis-judging Black voters to be similar to the white voters, they have embarked on an attack campaign of historic proportions against the first viable African American presidential candidate in U.S. history. Labeling this a miscalculation would be the equivalent of referring to a tidal wave as "moisture". The Clintons appear to believe that they can use character assassination, distortions, and outright lies to eviscerate a Black man of great dignity and integrity and that if they win, African American voters will forgive them and support the Democrats in the general election. These miscalculations will not only cost them dearly, but their party is in jeopardy of losing the African American vote for the foreseeable future. In growing circles within the Black community, the Clintons are as hated as the most right wing ideologues. The Democratic party is being viewed as an accomplice, either by commission or omission, and will pay a dear price in the long run.

The appearance is that the Clintons used the Black Community for votes and now have not only abandoned them, but turned into the virulent racists that they always were to achieve a political goal that they could not otherwise achieve. The Democratic party's refusal to condemn these tactics, rightly or wrongly, drags them into the same paradigm. This creates a racial fault line in the Democratic party which can't easily or quickly be repaired. Far better to be a far right wing enemy of the Black Community than to be a viewed as a cunning deceptive backstabber. In the upcoming elections, if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee, I predict that the Democrats will see the lowest percentage of Black votes in the modern era. Black voters will simply look for an alternative, or stay home.

Low Black turnout equals nationwide disaster for the Democratic party and that disaster will be well earned. The Clintons will do anything to achieve their goal, including destroy their own party.

George Bush has destroyed his party, how fitting that the Clintons should return the favor by following suit.

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