Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jeremiah Wright's 24 Hour Coverage

It's difficult for me to recall a minor story in recent history that has received more press coverage than the comments of Barack Obama's Pastor Jeremiah Wright. Part of me is extremely angry over the unfair, illogical, and suspect timing of the story and another part is glad to see it hit the press now rather than next October. How convenient that a story which came out and was covered several months ago suddenly gets revived and brought to the forefront of the news when Hillary needs help going into Pennsylvania. Every news channel talks about the story non-stop as though Senator Obama had made the comments himself. A Preacher whose support was sought after and received by Senator McCain referred to the Catholic church as "the great whore" and it received less than a day of coverage. The silver lining is that the media is using it up now and they will get little play out of it in the general election. Senator Clinton is obviously finished as a candidate. It appears now that her goal is to act as a political suicide bomber and try to kill the Obama Campaign when hers dies.

One thing is very clear regarding this issue, white America (a term I use to refer to a culture rather than merely a race or ethnicity) has no idea of the anger and resentment in the Black Community over the vicious racism and oppression their people have faced. I would surmise that if the press were to look over videotapes of most Black Preachers for twenty years they would be shocked by many of the angry comments they would find. Let me be honest, as a radio talk show host for several years, there are quite a few comments that I have made that would likely bring the ire of the mainstream press. A few hundred years of slavery, lynchings, and Jim crow laws tend to leave a bad taste in one's mouth. I once devoted an entire show to why America should celebrate the date the emancipation proclamation was signed rather than July Fourth. I referred to Thomas Jefferson as a serial rapist and questioned why George Washington waited until after his death to free his slaves. Believe me, that show had enough sound bites to keep Fox News busy for weeks. Mainstream America is shocked that Black community leaders have verbally attacked the mainstream culture in this country, maybe it needs to be aired out and discussed. The anger and resentment is real, so lets make it public.

Ultimately, Senator Obama just has to keep fighting and get to the convention. He will surely be beaten up and tattered when Hillary gets through. Then, the Jeremiah Wright story will be long used up and it will be rather difficult for the Republicans to convince the voters that Senator Obama is a Muslim after spending so much time attacking his Baptist Minister.

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