Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hillary Unveils "Strom Thurmond" Strategy

Having West Virginia and Kentucky in their sights, the Clintons are reaching out to uneducated racists. Their strategy is obviously to remind the people of those States that the BLACK GUY only appeals to those lazy negro welfare recipients and their guilt ridden educated wealthy white enablers. Obviously after their 6% showing among Black voters in North Carolina the decision was made to join the Sean Hannity/David Duke club. Wednesday Hillary revealed her newest argument to the Superdelegates:
It has been clear for some time that the Clinton strategy was to divide the voters by class and race, then claim the larger bloc of working class White voters as their base. Most of us just never expected them to be so transparent about that strategy.
Hillary is setting herself up for a public political execution by the Superdelegates and she may very well receive her wish. Allowing her to set the table for the Republicans should no longer be tolerated.

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