Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillarys Vulture Strategy A Most Dangerous Game

The Clintons seem to have finally accepted the reality that there is no legitimate way for them to get the Democratic nomination. I say this because they have taken to a strategy somewhat akin to that of the common turkey buzzard. As do all vulture's, the turkey buzzard spends it's time watching and waiting patiently for its prey to die so it can feast on the rotting carcass. Today Senator Clinton announced that she was staying in the race because, among other things, a past Democratic Presidential front runner was assassinated late in the primary season creating an opening for his opponent to assume the front runner position and ultimately secure the nomination. It certainly does not require a leap of logic to conclude that Senator Clinton was implying that Senator Obama may be assassinated leaving the nomination open for her to claim.

The mainstream media outlets were all over this comment and the obvious political fallout. As usual, the pundits talked endlessly about the proximate results, the obvious political ramifications using the context of the Democratic Primary election process. What was completely ignored was how those comments affect the Clintons argument of electability for the general elections. Repeatedly the Clinton's surrogates have gone on the air opining their belief that the Black Community will unite around Senator Clinton if she takes the nomination from Senator Obama despite losing the number of elected delegates, states won, popular vote (unless you use her convoluted method of calculation), and significant fiscal irresponsibility. Tonight, that argument ends. Though ignored by the mainstream media, it should be quite clear to Party insiders that there is an irreparable breach between the Clintons and the Black Community. Members of the Black Community have no reason to press the issue, but the affect of that reality on the general election can not be overstated. Senator Clinton is not only unelectable, she has become an anchor threatening to drown the entire Party. The truth is quiet but powerful, the Clinton's are despised by Black Americans. Granting her the nomination at this point under any circumstances would be catastrophic for the Democratic Party. A significant number of Black voters would sit out the General Election easily giving the White House to the the Republicans, possibly losing both houses of Congress, and wasting the greatest opportunity for the Party in decades.

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