Sunday, May 11, 2008

Terry Mcauliffe Reveals Clinton's Contradictons

Terry McCauliffe revealed another gross inconsistency in the Clinton's argument today on Meet the Press. He argued that since the Clinton's had captured the White working class voter bloc in the primaries, they were the only ones who could defeat Senator McCain in the general election. However, when he was asked whether the party would unite after the primaries and those same working class Whites would then support Senator Obama were he to become the nominee, he replied that he believed they would. The obvious logical conclusion based on his comments is that the Clinton's White working class advantage in the primaries is irrelevant if those voters are going to unify around the eventual nominee anyway. The only assumption is that Mr. McCauliffe is implying that they won't support Senator Obama, then deliberately lying to cover the racially polarizing core of their message. Mr. McCauliffe later went on to state that he believed Black voters would return to support the Clintons if they were to get the nomination despite a lesser number of pledged delegates. This assertion is congruent with the argument of eventual party unification, but goes against the inference that the Clinton's advantage in one particular primary voting bloc is relevant in the general election.

The Clinton's need to convince the Superdelegates that they are the only electable candidates because of their dominance with White, lesser educated, blue collar voters. Simultaneously they must also convince them that the racial, social, and economic class divisions created during the primaries will be overcome in the general elections. It is quite clear that these arguments cancel each other out.

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