Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Destruction of America is Incomplete

Apparently, the Cheney Administration has recognized that the economic and military destruction of the United States is incomplete. Despite their intense efforts there appears to be a sliver of hope that the Country may eventually be able to recover from the military and economic policies of the Neocons. Ignoring the recent National Intelligence Report to the contrary, the Neocons and their lapdogs in the media have returned to trumpeting the blatant lie that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

After replacing Admiral William Fallon at Centcom with their puppet Patraeus, the Neocons are primed for another unprovoked attacked on a Muslim Country. To that end, another aircraft carrier is en route to the Persian Gulf to immediately frighten the prices of oil up another twenty dollars per barrel. Being the conspiracy theorist that I am, I suspect that Iran's decision to completely stop conducting transactions in US dollars has sped up the Cheney Administration's need for war.

The people who brought us the cakewalk in Iraq have cooked up another military strategy and are set to make that disaster look like a wise move. Attacking Opec''s second largest producer, when oil has risen to 120 dollars per barrel, will be the final nail in the economic coffin of the Unites States.

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