Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bush Learned from the Libby Mistake

George Bush has finally learned from one of his mistakes and found a way to fix it. After watching Scooter Libby get caught up in a web of contradictory statements, he is insuring that won't happen with Karl Rove and Harriet Miers. He has announced that Rove and Miers will testify about the U.S. Attorney firings but not under oath, with no transcript, and in secret. He has set the table for his henchman, and henchwoman if there is such a word, to lie and deceive until their little black hearts are filled with joy. They can blame anyone and claim they had no knowledge of anything that has happened in the last four hundred years with no fear of prosecution. That Libby mistake will surely not happen again.

It is quite clear now that the Whitehouse staff lied about their involvement in the firings. Alberto Gonzales blatantly lied to Senator Mark Prior in this instance:

"In an interview Tuesday on a news network program, Pryor said that, when he asked Gonzales to send Griffin through the confirmation process, Gonzales said he would, and that was the intent of Justice Department officials.

But Pryor said e-mails between Justice Department officials that were recently released by the agency show that the department never had any intention of nominating Griffin and going through the confirmation process."

It should be obvious by now that this Administration has no respect for Congress, the American People, or the rule of law. It is a hopeless task to try and straighten this group of conniving thieves out between now and January of 2009. We can only hope Congress will stop them from destroying this country by attacking Iran.

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