Thursday, March 15, 2007

In the "Lessons Learned" Category

Republicans in Congress have announced that their plan to give up more Congressional seats and hand over the Whitehouse to Democrats is proceeding as planned. These politically suicidal idiots are "proud" to proclaim that they have the votes to defeat Democratic Legislation which would require the President to withdraw all troops from Iraq within 12 months. Apparently, when they got their clocks cleaned in the recent midterm elections they learned absolutely nothing. To make matters worse, their fearless (or should I say feckless) leader is supporting them with a veto threat. Good work guys, you continue to pull closer to a guy with a 30% approval rating. Once again Bill Clinton's statement that "when republicans dig themselves in a whole, they justgo out and get a bigger shovel" is proven to be true.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said passage of the withdrawal measure "would be absolutely fatal to our mission in Iraq". No Mitch, our mission in Iraq is absolutely fatal to our mission in Iraq. This thing went flatline right about the time the first American soldier drove across the Iraqi border in the original invasion. There was never any possibility that this horrendous mistake could have succeeded in anything other than icnreasing the ranks of Al Queda. Unlike you, the American people have figured out that the patient is dead. Time to figure out how to dispose of the body. Some want to walk away and leave it to rot in the sun and others want to chop it up and hope noone can connect the parts and finger the US as the killers. But regardless of the metaphor, Iraq is destined to suffer far greater disaster than we have witnessed thus far. I am fairly certain the voters will be happy to express their feelings on the matter at the polls in the 2008 elections.

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