Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Baghdad Violence Decreasing

The Whitehouse is touting the amazing success of the infamous Surge strategy. The violence in Baghdad has decreased significantly, but unfortunately it has skyrocketed elsewhere. Just as has happened every other time in Iraq, the insurgents have moved from areas where military operations have intensified and attacked lesser defended targets. It was a result easily predicted and likely the military leaders have advised the Whitehouse it would happen. However, the Bush Administration will happily take a few months of fake success at a time when their time is so short.

While Representatives from neighboring countries met in Iraq over ways to address the violence, insurgents demonstrated their ability to carry out attacks almost at will.

Here's a great article about people like me. It's about time someone said:

"What we should also do is celebrate the people who opposed the war from the beginning. In the face of severe opprobrium and intimidation, a sizable number of Americans saw the charade for what it was and rued the oncoming disaster. They should be cheered, time and again"

Those who claim there was an intelligence failure seem to conveniently forget that Scott Ritter said:

"There simply is no evidence of a factual nature that sustains the allegation by the Bush administration or British government that Iraq today possesses weapons of mass destruction," Ritter told The Chronicle in late March 2003."

How could one guy be right and the Bush Administration claim that with all of the intelligence available to them, they were completely in the dark. The truth is that many of us are sitting around saying I told you so while the right wing pundits seem befuddled as to how they could have been so wrong.

Clearly the Surge is failing just as every other strategy put forth by the neoclowns. How shocked they'll seem in six or seven months when they ponder how another plan failed so miserably.

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