Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is America,no racial healing allowed

The rich and powerful minority have always used wedge issues to divide and control the masses. Unfortunately for America, the principle wedge issue used by the rich in this country is racism. Iowa horrified the aristocratic class by demonstrating that white rural voters, the traditional suckers for the race baiters, had decided that their social and economic needs were more important than abiding by the rules of the American caste system. That spelled doom for a political system that has given the rich the largest economic gap between them and the working class since America was an agrarian society.

It was inevitable that the forces promoting aristocratic rule would fight to revive the one issue that could keep them in power, racism. To that end, the right wing of the Democratic Party and the Republican machine have joined forces. After Senator Obama blew Hillary out consecutively with the White rural voters in Iowa and the Black rural voters in South Carolina it was clear that the people had progressed to a point that they would inevitably unify against the oppressive wealthy class. Bill Clinton gave the signal to attack with his Jesse Jackson comments. It also announced that the Clintons were severing their ties with both the Black community and the progressives. From that point on, the Clintons and their surrogates (including those in the media and the Republican Party) have worked to remind the White voters of America that their social duty is to vote for politicians who look like them, despite the obvious conflict with their economic needs. The media turned to evaluating the individual contests on how the different categories of "white voters" responded to the candidates. Suddenly, the question of whether race was important in choosing a candidate surfaced as an exit polling question. More recently, the North Carolina Republican Party has launched an Obama attack ad which began running the day Hillary began campaigning in their State. Simultaneously the creator of Bush Senior's Willie Horton ad has released his latest divisive master piece tying Senator Obama to Gang Violence by showing split screen pictures of him next to urban blight and plastering the words gang violence and urban terrorism all over the screen.

This pesky racial harmony is creating major problems for the wealthy corporate class of politicians and we can expect that their bipartisan unity will only become stronger and more obvious as their fear of losing power increases.

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