Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The inside word is that Republican party is set to unveil a new television add in North Carolina attacking Barack Obama. It is clearly no coincidence that the day after the Pennsylvania primary, the Republicans unleash an attack which can only help Senator Hillary Clinton. Obviously, they have decided to come out in the open with their support for her campaign. Since no Democratic nominee has been chosen, it would normally be considered a waste of the precious few funds that they have on hand. However, it appears that Party Elders have made a decision to make their move for Hillary.

This may seem like a stretch, but I believe that the Republican leadership actually prefers Senator Clinton over John McCain. He is not nearly as predictable as she on the issues which are their top priorities. The unpopular Iraq war is destroying the Republican Party and I am sure that, despite their public statements, many Republicans in Congress can't unload this albatross soon enough. If they can get the war over soon and have the luxury of blaming the "defeat" on a democrat, the Republican Party can see some daylight to make a move on the Presidency and Congress in 2012. Meanwhile, Hillary's aggressive militaristic foreign policy is music to the ears of the neocons. The few domestic policy differences she has with the Republicans will be overlooked because of her willingness to nestle up with the Corporate lobbyist and keep the backroom deals flowing.

I expect the Republican Party to be much more aggressive in their attacks on Senator Obama. The person who should really be worried about that is John McCain.

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