Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My fellow Conservatives,

Being a man of order, Godly principles, and conservative values I can imagine a Muslim Country where all men and women are free. A land where peace is the way of life and there are no Jihadis or martyrs. In this great peaceful country, all people regardless of gender, race, or religion will be free to worship and live as they see fit with no fear of government or religious persecution. The wealth of natural resources will be bring great prosperity which will be used for peaceful purposes. There will be no need for a military or nuclear weapons because this Muslim country will harbour no ill will towards anyone on the planet and will only seek to project love and promote peace on this great planet. The government won't even need bodyguards or any form of physical protection measures because they will be loved and respected by the citizens rather than feared.

Can't you just imagine the possibilities this great society presents to the overall interests of the United States? The way I see it, we could overrun those bastards in less than 48 hours with just the 82nd airborne, the 1st infantry division, and maybe the 101st airborne division for backup and re-supply. Hell a couple of squadrons of f-18's would knock out all command and control communications the first night because they'de have no anti-aircraft weapons systems and those tea sipping, spotted owl hugging, peace bunnies would never see it coming. They'd have all the infrastructure for oil production so as long as we didn't accidentally hit the oil fields with our pinpoint tomohawk strikes we could have them back up pumping at full capacity in a matter of days. Early in the Campaign, we could offer to meet with their parliament to hammer out a peace deal. Then once we got 'em all gathered in one place, wipe 'em all out with one B61-11 Nuclear Bunker Buster Bomb. OH GOD I LOVE THIS JOB!!!!

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