Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Green Zone is Turning Red

A suicide bomber detonated himself in the cafeteria of the Iraqi Parliament building inside the "Green Zone" in Baghdad today killing at least 8 and wounding around 30 people. Within an hour a message appeared on an Al Queda web site calling the blast a "message" to anyone who cooperates with "the occupier and its agents." It said ominously, "We will reach you wherever you are".

Can we take this to mean that the insurgents are instituting a "surge" strategy of their own? Maybe the Iraqi Parliament should start meeting at the Baghdad market where John McCain prclaimed it was safe because the green zone seems to be getting more red by the minute. I would suggest to Senator McCain that he return to that Baghdad market and look for his credibility, I think he lost it there.

Incidentally, did you know that the green zone is called that because it is safe and the rest of the country is considered the red zone. This is not a joke, it was the original reason it was called the green Zone. I think they better downgrade it to the yellow zone after this.

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