Friday, February 11, 2011

Right Wing Logic.......

1 -   The U.S. Government has given the wealthy massive tax cuts and lost millions of job, which means that tax cuts for the rich create jobs.

2 -   The GOP enacted massive tax cuts during the Bush Administration on borrowed money which ballooned the deficit. Upon retaking the House of Representatives, their first priority was to renew the massive tax cuts without paying for them. This means that they have learned their lesson about being fiscally irresponsible and running up the deficit.

3 -   Between 2001 and 2006 (when the GOP controlled Congress, the White house, and the Supreme Court) the deficit ballooned as a result of two unfunded wars and an unfunded Medicare prescription program, which means that the 2006-2008 Democratic Congress is to blame for the deficit created during the Bush Administration.

4 -   The United States was losing roughly 700,000 jobs per month when Barak Obama took the oath of office and this was halted within the first year of his Administration, which means that his policies caused the unemployment problem.

5 -   Ronald Reagan and both Bush's ballooned the deficit over 300% and Bill Clinton left office with a budget surplus, which means that Democrats are irresponsible spenders and Republicans are fiscally responsible.

5 -   The best way to help the poor, the working poor, and the working class, is to destroy the unions and give more money to the wealthy.

6 -   It was critical that we renew the Bush tax cuts which went overwhelmingly to the top 10% and added 750 billion dollars to the national debt, which means that the responsible thing to do is cut programs for the poor and working class because the national debt is out of control.

7 - The housing crisis was caused by poor people who wanted to own houses, not wealthy Wall Street tycoons.

8 -   Barak Obama was the first person of color to be elected to the White House and there have only been 3 Black senators since reconstruction, which means that The President's race is his greatest political advantage.

9 -   The world is experiencing weather extremes including floods and storms of near biblical proportions, which proves that climate change is a hoax.

10 -   The Wall Street bankers nearly destroyed the worldwide economy due to deregulation and nothing they did was illegal, which means that we need to reduce regulations in order to get the economy on track.

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