Saturday, August 25, 2007

Congress Must Stop The Coming Iran Attack

The evidence is overwhelming that the Bush Administration is planning a military strike on Iran very soon. The evidence is equally overwhelming that the results of this strike would be economically and diplomatically devastating to the United States for years to come. There is some disagreement about the level of response, but clearly Iran is capable of a powerful military response resulting in significant U.S. casualties. Most non partisan experts agree that the combined military and economic consequences would push the U.S. into recession, or worse.

Congress must act quickly and decisively to prevent the Bush Administration from implementing this act of foreign policy insanity. In my opinion, the best defense in this case is clearly a good offense. Congress needs to utilize their legal authority to launch a shock and awe campaign against the Bush Administration sufficient to divert their energy from anything other than saving their collective hides. Impeachment procedures should be instituted against Vice President Cheney and indictments should be handed down against Karl Rove for Hatch Act violations as soon as Congress reconvenes. Special Prosecutors should be named to investigate Vice President Cheney and his neocon staff for their involvement in the Niger Forgeries, and deliberately misleading Congress during the lead up to the Iraq invasion.The Contempt of Congress citations should be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

My basic point in this article is that Congress must be merciless in their legal pursuit of the Bush Administration. The violations of law validate such action by their own merit, but I also believe that the only thing the neocons understand is force. They must be politically taken apart through strong and decisive legal methods immediately. Failure to act will result in calamity.

The question of whether the U.S. Military Commanders in the Pentagon would refuse an order from the President to launch a military strike against Iran is a question that we don't want to face. Congress needs to immediately pull the political rug out from under the Administration and leave them struggling to survive.

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