Tuesday, July 17, 2007

President Bush's Next Iraq Plan

In September, General Petraeus will come forward with an update on the state of catastrophe in Iraq. The usual media pundits foolishly debate the President's next strategic move based on the report.

It is a mistake to guess George Bush's next move based on any information relevant to reality. If there is one thing we should all know about our President by now, its that his decisions are based on his personal concept of reality, not ours. He believes that he has been chosen by God and fate to lead this nation to victory over the forces of evil. In that reality, there is no room for compromise.

There is no chance that President Bush will agree to draw down the troops or take any other action that could be viewed as conceding defeat. A report that the "surge" is a complete failure would only mean that more troops are needed. When a fool finds that his strategy is not working, his reaction is to do more of it. Therefore, I am predicting that President Bush will order an increase in troop strength after General Petraeus's report regardless of the contents. George Bush will never alter his positions on Iraq. Carefully read and interpret his speeches the last few years and all the codes are there to be interpreted.

Have we forgotten the words of Bob Woodward:

Late last year, he had key Republicans up to the White House to talk about the war, and said 'I Will Not Withdraw Even If Laura And Barney Are The Only Ones Supporting Me.' Barney is his dog."

Congress will eventually be forced to remove him from office if any changes in the war plan are ever to be instituted.

George Bush is a very sick man. I believe that before he leaves office his actions will shock the conscience of the American People. Unfortunately for the Republicans in Congress, they have taken far to long to recognize the problem and their fates are sealed. They are inexorably tied to his massive blunders and there is not enough time before the next election for them to recover. Within a few months the question of the President's sanity will be a subject of National debate. The Republicans in Congress will be forced to swallow their pride and vote for the impeachment of both George Bush and Dick Cheney. The 2008 election will mark the political annihilation of the Republican party for many years to come.

If you still haven't figured out what the President's strategy will be after general Petraeus's September report, ask Laura and Barney.

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