Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fred Thompson for Vice President?

The Washington Post is reporting a GOP plan brewing which would deep six Dick Cheney and replace him with the unelectable Fred Thompson. When Asked by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show if he'd like the nation's top job, Fred Thompson replied, "I've never craved the job of president, but I want to do some things that only a president can do." Now there's a guy who is going to make a big splash in the General Election.
His first advertisement:

Hi I'm Fred Thompson,
I don't really want to be President, but I would like to fly around in Air Force one, sleep in the White house, and fun Presidential stuff like that. Vote for me, so I can have fun.

His platform, vote for me so I can do stuff I like, supports his long held reputation as the laziest man in politics.

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